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Snapchat starter pack: the 10 accounts you should follow

A few of the strangest and most interesting accounts to follow

If you're new to Snapchat, you likely need people to follow. If you've been on the platform for a while, you're probably tired of seeing the same few friends post snaps of their pets.

We recently asked our readers for their favorite Snapchat accounts. We received dozens of great recommendations. The following list isn't comprised of the best Snapchat accounts; instead, these are some of the strangest, funniest, and most controversial people and #brands on the platform. On Snapchat, these accounts are setting the tone.

Note: we don’t condone any of the activity you may be exposed to by following these accounts.

  1. Snapchat


    Casey Neistat is perhaps known best for snowboarding through the streets of Manhattan. Or maybe it's his great take on Google Glass. Or any other of his YouTube videos. If you don't know him, you should — he's one of the best storytellers the social media world has.

  2. miologie

    Christine Mi’s Snapchat is full of selfies, but it’s cooler than you think. She deftly draws herself into famous scenes — whether recreating Van Gogh’s "Self Portrait," taking over as Link in The Legend of Zelda, or popping up in Monsters, Inc.

  3. tacobell

    Sure, the point of Taco Bell's Snapchat account is probably to make sure teens eat there. And that's fine; Taco Bell is pretty great. However, Taco Bell takes advantage of its brand by creating interactive and detailed stories about love, romance, and of course, new menu items.

  4. lacma_museum

    This account obviously started with a very simple premise: How do you make fine art accessible to #teens? And we have to say, they’ve done an amazing job superimposing memes and lyrics onto very staid artwork for full comedic effect.

  5. Snapchat


    Our sister site Racked — all things fashion and shopping — just relaunched, and the site looks beautiful. You should check it out. You should also follow Racked on Snapchat if you’re into magazines, fashion shows, Kanye West, and a look into the offices here in New York.

  6. Snapchat


    The 90-year-old magazine only just joined Snapchat last week, but we’re already a tiny bit obsessed. So far, it’s mostly been hanging out with their cartoonists — but if all they ever do is ask George Booth and Sam Gross to illustrate adorable animals live for Snapchat, we’re okay with it.

  7. mashable

    Mashable is a website about a lot of things — social media, tech, business, and more — and so is its Snapchat account. Mashable brings you on the red carpet, to various events and trade shows, to museums, and inside its offices. They have daily themes and do a great job of telling trendy stories using emoji and drawings.

  8. geeohsnap

    All we know about the artist behind this account is that he or she is Norwegian and is "all about the smiles." But you won’t regret the follow — geeohsnap regularly shares amazing dispatches of unsuspecting strangers drawn into surreal fantasy landscapes.

  9. Snapchat


    Devonté Hynes — better known as British musician Blood Orange — hasn't been snapping for that long, but we've enjoyed what we've seen thus far. What you’ll find, should you choose to add him, is a mix of intimate practice sessions, teasers of upcoming tracks, and a glimpse into his life in New York City.

  10. Snapchat


    Beef or bust: including our own Snapchat account in this list. Just kidding. But not really. If you’re into rocket launches, original Snapchat shows, NBA All-Star games, new gadgets, being the first to know about giveaways, in-office shenanigans, and much, much more, add us.