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The Vergecast 141: Vaping alone with Wikipedia

The Vergecast 141: Vaping alone with Wikipedia

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Are you ready to settle in for another hard tech episode? I hope so, because that's what we have this week. Nilay, Dieter, Chris, and Sam bring the beef/sweat/swag/hype to the table to discuss Jony Ive, cars, Sony, and the merits of various Matrix sequels.

Can't get enough Verge in your ears? Why not try out What's Tech?, Chris Plante's new podcast? It's a series of bite-size discussions about technology, from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about it.

Where's the video feed? Sorry, for the time being we're focusing on just making a great audio podcast. We'll still do live video for the recording and we'll make the call on the video feed later, but for now please subscribe to the audio podcast. But if you want to watch the video replay, you can check it out below.