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Play Darkside Detective, an X-Files-style point-and-click adventure

Play Darkside Detective, an X-Files-style point-and-click adventure


The truth is pixelated

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Growing up, I always wanted to be Fox Mulder or Dana Scully — the idea of immersing myself in the weird and occult as part of my job sounded pretty great to a younger me. Darkside Detective is probably the closest I'll ever get to that.

The pixelated point-and-click adventure game stars Francis McQueen, a typical gruff detective who happens to be the sole investigator in the Darkside Division, an X-Files-like spin-off of the police force that looks into cults, demons, and anything else a bit odd. The gameplay is simple, and involves investigating rooms and talking to witnesses, while using bits of evidence to solve puzzles.

Darkside Detective

While the full game isn't available just yet — it's slated to launch some time later this year, potentially on Steam — a browser-based demo lets you explore a single case for free right now. It's short enough that you could finish it on a lunch break, but it does an amazing job of easing you into the game's surprisingly funny world. The seemingly routine assignment has you searching for a lost little girl, but it's not long before you're warped into a parallel dimension. Though the game is pretty straightforward, it's buoyed by a great moody soundtrack and wonderful dark, yet colorful pixel art graphics.

The full game will have more of what the developers call "bite-size investigations into the occult and extraordinary," but for now you can check out the demo right here.