Skip to main content gave wrong tax info to around 800,000 people gave wrong tax info to around 800,000 people

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About 800,000 people who found insurance through this year received incorrect tax information, the Obama administration said today, according to The New York Times. The government is asking those affected by the error to wait for corrected information before filing their taxes, as they may owe more money or be eligible for a refund based on the differences. The government is not aware of what caused the error.

During the most recent sign-up period, 11.4 million people found insurance through and state exchanges, an increase over the prior period. Though a significant number of those enrolled are affected by this tax issue, the overall performance of has improved considerably since last year, when it was notoriously plagued with problems that made the site often unusable. In an effort to further increase this year's signups — and potentially avoid complaints — the government is also adding a "special enrollment period" this year, between March 15th and April 30th, that will allow people to sign up if they claim to have been unaware of the fine for not receiving coverage.