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Bang & Olufsen's latest wireless speaker is a gorgeous lunchbox

Bang & Olufsen's Beolit 12 AirPlay speaker impressed us a few years back by packing great sound into an attractive package. The only issue was that, at $799, it was more expensive than most could justify. Now, the company has just released the Beolit 15, an updated Bluetooth speaker that's just as good-looking but at a better price.

The Beolit 15, like its predecessor, looks rather like a lunchbox — if your lunchbox featured colorful mesh grilles and a leather strap. Bang & Olufsen has updated the device's internals since 2012, though. For one thing, the 15, while a few hairs lighter than the 12, sports a better battery that promises 24 hours of play time. The company also eschewed AirPlay in favor of Bluetooth, meaning it can play nicely with more of your devices, though it still has the requisite USB and line-in ports. Most important is the price. $599 is pricey for this kind of device, but it's still $200 less than the original model.

The Beolit 15 is available now at Bang & Olufsen stores and online.

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