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This app concept is Tinder for binge-watchers

This app concept is Tinder for binge-watchers

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The "Tinder for X" trend continues unabated. Feel free to groan, but with a morbid sense of curiosity. Today, the app concept that wants to be the next new thing calls itself Binger, because if love isn't built on a foundation of drunken hookups you only kind of regret, then surely it's about curling up and watching every episode of Black Mirror with a complete stranger.

Romantic or desperately awkward

The idea behind Binger is to make matches based solely on what you and your potential paramour watch on Netflix. Its aim is to see what genres you like the most — say, horror with a mix of mid-90s sitcoms — and pair you off with someone, so the two of you can pretend to watch Friends while either making out on the couch or being completely awkward because who is this person? It's like Cuddlr, but for the lonely souls who can't stop binge-watching their favorite TV shows. (Read: all of us at some point in our lives, because that was a dumb study.)

We can concede that this idea is either brilliant or potentially super creepy. But that's dating in the Tinder age, and yes, going to bars that smell like Fireball and regret truly sucks. Unfortunately, Binger doesn't exist in any form yet, since Netflix's API is closed. Until such time that Netflix decides to be more open about our viewing habits, this app will just be a pipe dream.