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Samsung teases Galaxy S6 with metal design and curved, anti-reflective display

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Update: Read the Galaxy S6 review.

Samsung wants to get everyone excited for its newest flagship, the Galaxy S6. The company has released two more teasers of the upcoming device, and they do give us a bit more information on what to expect. A dramatically lit profile shot of the new phone posted on Instagram suggests that Samsung will indeed use a metal in the new phone. It also shows a unique tapered design that may go hand-in-hand with the heavily rumored curved screen that's said to grace the phone.

galaxy s6 teaser

Samsung also drops a few hints about that bent screen in a new teaser video. A brief shot appears to show the face of the device with the screen tapering off both the left and right edges of the phone, as sources told Bloomberg earlier this month. Meanwhile, in the video, the narrator does her very best to get us hyped for the phone as she offers an enigmatic description of the device: "Metal will flow. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be free." We'll be in Barcelona come March 1st to check out the Galaxy S6 with our own eyes, but it's safe to say we should expect a metal phone with a curved, anti-reflective display.

galaxy s6 teaser