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How to (legally) watch the Oscars online

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Tonight at 7PM ET

The Oscars are happening tonight, and even if you're still sore about the Lego Movie snub, the event promises to be full of beaming nominees, Boyhood, and Neil Patrick Harris anecdotes. Since we've already armed you with everything you need to know before you watch the Oscars this year, now you can get to the business of actually watching.

  • ABC's Watch Live stream is available to anyone with a participating cable TV provider.
  • The Academy Awards will stream red carpet and behind-the-scenes footage on its website.
  • ABC will also post behind-the-scenes footage on its Facebook page.
  • And if small nuggets of pithy cultural commentary are more your speed, there's always Twitter.

The Oscars will air tonight starting at 7PM ET. The main event will begin at 8:30PM ET.