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Developer finds a way to make Android Wear work with his iPhone

Developer finds a way to make Android Wear work with his iPhone

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If you have an iPhone and want to use Android Wear, you're pretty much out of luck. Google has hinted in the past that it might bring iOS on board, but if you can't wait you'll be glad to hear that one popular Android developer has found a way to make it kinda work. Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, better known within the aftermarket Android development community as MohammadAG, released a brief video yesterday showing his iPhone 6 pass along a notification to his Moto 360 smartwatch.

It turns out he got the two devices to talk to each other the same way a Pebble smartwatch communicates with an iPhone for notifications. He used the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS), a feature built into iOS 7 and later, that connects via Bluetooth to pass along iPhone notifications to devices like smartwatches. With a small app installed on the smartwatch, MohammadAG was able to get Android Wear to pick up those notifications.

As you can see in the video demo, the system works for a simple text message, but Android Wear relies on a companion Android device for far more than just notifications. Pretty much everything else you'd want to do with an Android Wear device — like looking up directions, managing your email, or using Google Now — won't work with this setup. Still, it's nice to know that it's not impossible to get an iPhone to talk with Android Wear. If you're interested, MohammadAG says he might release the companion app online soon.