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Google is finally testing Inbox for work email, but only for a few companies

Google is finally testing Inbox for work email, but only for a few companies

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Since its launch last year, Google's Inbox app has only supported personal email accounts. If your company runs email through Google Apps, you've been unable to use it. That's going to change soon, but only for a very small list of businesses. Google just announced that starting next month, it will begin enabling Inbox access for a limited batch of Google Apps customers "to learn about their needs, challenges, and use cases."

Only a "small group" of companies to start

"One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received is that Google Apps customers want access to Inbox at work," wrote Alex Gawley, director of product management for Gmail and Inbox, in a blog post. But Gawley was careful to note that Inbox's rollout to the workplace will be a gradual process. It sounds as though Google wants to get things right rather than bring Inbox in its current form to all Apps users.

"Every company and every person is different, so we want to get more input on how Inbox will work at your company." Any company with email powered by Google Apps can email the Inbox team in hopes of getting into the small group that's part of this first run. But Google warns that since it will be working closely with those picked, not everyone's guaranteed to get in. "With your feedback, who knows, we could reinvent the way people work," said Gawley. Last week, Google delivered on its promise of launching Inbox for multiple browsers by adding support for Firefox and Apple's Safari.