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As Softcard admits defeat, let's stop to remember its wonderfully deranged mascot, Tappy

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How do you convince the average consumer that it's a good idea to replace their old-fashioned wallet and credit card with a mobile app and NFC sensor? You create a zany mascot that combines all the charm of a POS system with the wild-eyed enthusiasm of the Honeycombs beast.

Softcard spokes-creature Tappy clearly had potential. His inaugural YouTube video racked up over a million views. Commenters raved: "Holy crap this is disturbing" and "Good god this is horrifying." Tappy evoked memories of great tech mascots throughout the ages. "It's like someone at Softcard took Clippy from Microsoft Word and decided he would be better as a creepy talking icon that looks like he lives in a van down by the river!"

"Holy crap this is disturbing."

Today we learned that Google has struck a deal to have its wallet app come pre-installed on phones from the same carriers who created Softcard. It's grim tidings for Tappy. He was no one-trick pony. Tappy could sing, he could scream, he could banter with a man dressed as a pro wrestler who carried his groceries under his kilt. Google Wallet may have bought out Softcard's spot on your home screen. But Tappy will always have a special place in our hearts.