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This is what the new Thor thinks of fans who hate feminism

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Last fall, the role of Thor, God of Thunder, was taken up by a woman. Fans were... divided on the subject, to say the least. Even though the new Thor eventually faced down an invasion of Frost Giants and was given the role by the Odinson himself (translation: she's awesome), certain ugly corners of fandom decried the move as a cynical cash grab that besmirched the legacy of a beloved character in the name of rotten old feminism. Or something.

The argument, as depicted by writer Jason Aaron and artist Jorge Molina in Thor #5, goes something like this:

Thor #5

Thor #5

It turns out Thor is actually this kind of feminist:

Thor #5

This is the thing. The idea that feminism, which at its core is about equality, is somehow diminishing these fictional characters is backwards. It's predicated on the notion that men can do and be certain things — in this case be Norse gods of thunder — that women can't be. As if to say, "Yeah, women can do godly things, but they should stay in their lane when it comes to our all-important male heroes." This series of panels is a big, fun, "LOL who cares!" to that line of thinking, because if you can't have anyone in these roles, comics will never be able to fully welcome everyone as fans. Can you argue that the action is a bit on the nose as commentary? Sure! But it's a rebuttal that clearly needed to be made. Thor, man or woman, will always kick ass. Well done.