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Apple apparently buys company behind respected Alchemy software synth

Apple apparently buys company behind respected Alchemy software synth

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Apple has reportedly bought UK audio software developer Camel Audio, a company known for its instruments, plugins, and apps, including the respected Alchemy synth. Camel Audio mysteriously announced it was shutting down in January without explanation, but an update to the company's corporate registry spotted by MacRumors suggests it was bought by Apple. Heather Joy, a senior counsel for iTunes, is now listed as the company's sole director, and Camel Audio's headquarters are now registered from 100 New Bridge Street — one of Apple's London addresses.

Apple continues to beef up audio expertise

At the time of writing, Apple has yet to comment on the apparent acquisition, but it's most likely that Camel Audio's software will be used to improve the GarageBand apps for iOS and OS X, or perhaps add more depth to the synth offerings on Logic Pro X — Apple's professional music production software. However Camel Audio's talent is used though, it seems that Apple is beefing up its musical expertise, with rumors still swirling that the company is set to relaunch the Beats Audio streaming service later this year.