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Motorola's big surprise for tomorrow is likely a Moto E with LTE

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Last year we praised the Moto E as the best sub-$150 smartphone on the market, and now it looks like Motorola is improving on that package by adding 4G LTE. Leaked images and specs of the updated device have been trickling out over the past month, but Android Police has published what looks like a clincher: a render of the new Moto E with Verizon and 4G LTE logos stamped on the back. It's not clear when we might see the device in the light of day, but Motorola has been teasing the press with an "exciting announcement" set for tomorrow, February 25th.

Leaks also suggest the new Moto E has a front-facing camera and 8GB of Storage

According to a leaked Best Buy listing, the new Moto E will come with double the storage of the old model (although that's still just 8GB) and a slightly larger 4.5-inch screen with a 540 x 960 resolution. There's the same 1GB of RAM on board, while the 1.2GHz processor has apparently been bumped from dual-core to quad-core. The rear-facing 5-megapixel camera hasn't changed (a shame, as this was one of the few flaws on the original) but earlier leaks revealed what looks like a new front-facing lens.

The addition of LTE suggests the Moto E will secure its place as the best sub-$150 smartphone for the second year running — it was just that far ahead of the competition last year. Hopefully we'll known more tomorrow when we open up one of Motorola's special packages.