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Sleep monitor Sense goes on sale today after hit Kickstarter campaign

Sleep monitor Sense goes on sale today after hit Kickstarter campaign

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The sleep-tracking device Sense was a hit when it launched on Kickstarter last year, blowing past its $100,000 goal to reach over $2.4 million in total backing. Sense was originally supposed to be delivered to backers in November — while it missed that goal, the company behind it is today announcing that units are starting to ship out. Sales for Sense are also opening up to the public, at $129 each, and new orders are expected to ship this month.

Sense monitors your bedroom to help you sleep better

The appeal of Sense is that it collects a lot more information than the average sleep tracker, and it doesn't require you to wear anything. You do have to clip a small sensor called a Sleep Pill onto your pillow, but the rest of Sense's tracking takes place in a small orb that you set beside the bed. The orb monitors your room for loud noises, the amount of light coming in, the temperature and humidity, and the amount of pollen and dust in the air. If Sense detects any of these things starting to disrupt your sleep, it'll let you know in the morning so that you can adjust your room to fix it. As with most sleep trackers, Sense will also monitor what stage you're at while sleeping in order to wake you up at a time you'll be receptive to it.

All of the data that Sense collects will sync back to companion apps on iOS and Android, allowing you to see what's going on in your sleep and if there are any ongoing issues. Each Sense includes a single tracking Pill, but you can buy an additional one for $59 and put it on another pillow so that two people in the same room can track their sleep at once. Sense is offering a compelling sleep-tracking system. It pulls together a lot of data, and it's hard to oversell the benefit of not having to wear an annoying band to make it all work.

Correction 12:20PM ET: the battery in each Pill is replaceable. This article previously stated that the entire Pill needed to be replaced after its battery ran out.