The best part of Final Fantasy VII is now in FFXIV

Chocobo racing is back


Final Fantasy VII is fondly remembered for a lot of reasons: its epic scope and huge world, the (at the time) stunning cinematic presentation, and of course all of the spiky hair and big swords. But really, the best part of the game was something else — the Gold Saucer, a futuristic casino where you could race chocobos, play all sorts of arcade games, and maybe even go on a date with a special someone. Now you can relive that iconic location thanks to a new update to the massively multiplayer game Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Launching today, patch 2.51 for A Realm Reborn introduces the Gold Saucer as a location in the game. And it looks pretty similar to the original, with obscenely bright colors, along with mini-games ranging from simple carnival-style time-wasters to the ever-addictive chocobo racing. Even the music is just right. There's also a giant cactuar statue, and the patch introduces an element from another classic FF title, with Triple Triad, the beloved card game from FF VIII. Once again you'll be able to build custom decks, and this time you can play against other players as well as the computer.

It might not be the same without Tifa, Barret, and the gang, but the new Gold Saucer looks like a very welcome dose of nostalgia. The patch is available starting today on both the PC and PS4 versions of the game — you can find out more about it here (and skip ahead to 4:25 in the video below to see it in action).