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Microsoft opens up OneDrive storage for developers to integrate into apps

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Microsoft is opening up its cloud storage service, OneDrive, to developers today so they can start integrating it directly into applications. A new OneDrive API will include support for Windows, iOS, Android, and the web, with the full features of OneDrive available directly within apps. “The OneDrive API is a major step toward making the platform more accessible and powerful, but this is only the beginning,” says OneDrive program manager Ryan Gregg. “We are working on a lot of other improvements and features that we will release throughout the year.”

The introduction of a OneDrive API means Microsoft’s cloud storage moves even closer to Dropbox functionality, and it will likely mean more developers start to use OneDrive in their apps. Dropbox’s API is a big selling point for the cloud storage service, and lots of third-party apps have made use of it. Microsoft has been trying to convince consumers to try OneDrive with lots of free storage promotions recently, and the company has even offered up 100GB of space to Dropbox users. Developers will be able to access the API today, so expect to see apps using OneDrive storage in the coming months.