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Apple Pay users are the types of customers banks like, says Chase

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JPMorgan Chase told investors that more than 1 million customers have set up their Chase credit and debit cards for use with Apple Pay, according to AppleInsider, and adoption continues to rise. More importantly for the nascent contactless payment sector, Chase says that Apple Pay users are the kind of fiscally "attractive" and "engaged" customers the bank likes to associate with.

Chase apple pay

In the chart presented by Chase above, we can see that Apple Pay customers tend to be nine years younger than the bank's average yet earn 21 percent more. They also constitute a greater portion of the overall credit card spend.

Chase was one of the first banks to commit to Apple Pay when the service was announced in September, and features prominently in Apple Pay and iPhone 6 imagery. Today it’s just one of almost 100 participating banks in the US.