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Netflix picks up Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse reboots

Netflix picks up Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse reboots


Stephen Fry will voice Danger Mouse's boss

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Netflix is ordering five new children's series, including a rebooted Inspector Gadget that will debut next month. Like the original cartoon, the new Inspector Gadget follows a bumbling detective outfitted with crazy, high-tech gear that he uses while tracking down a crime syndicate. This series actually appears to be positioned as a sequel, with the original cartoon's villain returning, Gadget being brought out of retirement, and his niece — now somewhat older — in training to fight crime. It also sounds as though she'll get in on more of the gadgets and combat this time around, too. The one big difference between this and the old series is that it's now computer animated, to fairly mediocre results.

Netflix has been adding a ton of children's shows

The Inspector Gadget reboot already aired in Europe, according to USA Today, but Netflix is bringing it to the US for the first time. Alongside Inspector Gadget, Netflix is also picking up a reboot of Danger Mouse, a British cartoon about a secret agent, who is also a mouse, that parodied spy fiction. The reboot will premiere in spring of 2016, and Stephen Fry is on board to voice Danger Mouse's boss. Additionally, Netflix is picking up two other cartoons: Bottersnikes & Gumbles, a comedy based on an Australian book series; and Super 4, which comes from Playmobil. It's also acquired the live-action show Some Assembly Required, which is about a 14-year-old who runs a toy company.

That's a lot of kids' shows, and it underscores just how strong of a move Netflix has been making into this market. Though Bottersnikes & Gumbles isn't likely to get the kind of publicity that House of Cards does, these series make Netflix a really compelling service for parents of young children to subscribe to. (Amazon is well aware of this as well and has been looking at a number of children's shows for itself.) Netflix has also recently added several series from DreamWorks and a new Richie Rich series. You can see the trailer for that below.