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The next season of American Horror Story will star Lady Gaga

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American Horror Story: Hotel will premiere in October

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Like Picasso and Monet before her, Stefani Germanotta has established herself as an artist of serial obsessions. There was the pop phase, the art phase, the ARTPOP phase, the jazz with BFF Tony Bennett phase. And now, just when we were starting to get comfortable, we have found ourselves in a new Gaga era: the cable television actress phase.

American Horror Story has always been a pop-obsessed production

Gaga will join the fifth series of American Horror Story, FX announced today. Gaga followed up by tweeting a short teaser, in which she also announced the full title: American Horror Story: Hotel. Commence five-alarm Little Monster freakout.

This is one of those announcements that feels so right you swear you already read about it last week. AHS has always been a pop-obsessed production, with at least one fourth-wall-obliterating Twitter-bait musical number per season, usually starring perennial star Jessica Lange. But with Lange's continued involvement in the series in question, the possibility of a Lange-Gaga duet (let's be real, the actual reason we'd watch this thing) is still up in the air.

The series will debut in October, as is tradition by now. In the meantime, here is Lange's performance of "Life On Mars" from American Horror Story: Freak Show, as if anyone needed further convincing that this is a match made in purgatory.