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Cotton Candy Oreos are coming

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I bet they taste like fun

This year's already seen the release of the Red Velvet Oreo and seen compelling evidence that a s'mores version will be coming soon. But it looks like those won't be the only special flavors hitting your local grocery store this year, as images of an all-new Cotton Candy variant of the popular sandwich cookie have now appeared.

The Cotton Candy Oreo images come courtesy of an Instagram user that goes by cookie0man, and they show the new packaging in various points along what looks to be Nabisco's distribution chain. The cookie itself is the standard golden fare (unlike the Red Velvet which had a special reddish cookie and the graham cracker-flavored cookie that will be in the s'mores Oreo), while the all-important creme is a split between pale pink and pale blue, common colors for actual cotton candy. Like the s'mores Oreo, it appears that the Cotton Candy variant is still in the sampling phase, and it will likely be a few months before you can actually buy it.

Cotton Candy Oreo

As far as taste is concerned, we don't yet know how delicious the Cotton Candy Oreo is, but I'm betting it will be pretty awesome. Last year's watermelon flavor was surprisingly good, and with cotton candy already being an awesome tasting treat, it's hard to go wrong here. Let's just hope it's not too sweet, which the Birthday Cake Oreos tend to be. It's turning out to be quite the year for Oreo lovers.

Cotton Candy Oreo

Cotton Candy Oreo

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