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Miniature X-Files office is home to the cutest detectives in the FBI

Miniature X-Files office is home to the cutest detectives in the FBI

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Detectives Dana Scully and Fox Mulder are shrunk to doll size and forced to live in a painstaking recreation of their office. It could be an X-Files episode storyline, but it's an Instagram account: minature_xfiles_office. The account's curator has spent the last three months building and outfitting a set for a six-inch Mulder and Scully, before posing them in place to celebrate holidays and talk about unsolved mysteries.

The creator says that they put together the set using pieces they created themselves, or purchased from dollhouse miniature stories. The dioramas are correct down to fine details: in the bookshelves are miniature copies of books written by both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the the corkboard features a picture of a UFO purchased by Mulder in episode "Deep Throat," and secreted in his desk drawer is a shrunken copy of Playboy. In one shot, the office even plays host to the kind of monster the two agents spent the best part of seven seasons chasing.

The creator of the office is continuing to post new pictures, but for now, remember. The truth is out there — and it's tiny.

My husband is a dork. I found this guy playing in the miniature office. And he brought cookies. #thexfiles #miniaturexfilesoffice #foxmulder #danascully

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