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The University of Oklahoma has been cited for animal abuse by the USDA

The University of Oklahoma has been cited for animal abuse by the USDA


The USDA has found university responsible for cruel treatment of baboons in its labs

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Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

The US Department of Agriculture has cited the University of Oklahoma for animal abuse, according to Bloomberg Business. A recent report by the USDA claims a research lab at the university exposed young baboons to hypothermia and housed the monkeys in unsafe, grime-filled cages.

The baboons were "shivering and clearly distressed."

The January 25th report, obtained by Bloomberg, found the monkeys had been hosed down with cold water, and their cages contained "an excessive build up of grime, debris, and excreta on the bars." The report also says the lab staff was ill-equipped to care for the 12 baboons, including ones as young as three months old, who were placed under their supervision.

This is far from the university's first citation for animal abuse. According to Bloomberg, the institution has been cited for animal abuse 16 times over the course of just two years. In 2013, the USDA reported OU was euthanizing dogs by electrocution using a 9-volt battery and failing to administer painkillers to dogs about to undergo surgery.

In an email statement to Bloomberg, VP of research James Tomasek said, "The University of Oklahoma takes seriously its obligation to comply with all federal and regulatory standards related to animal welfare."