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Join us 3AM ET Friday as we liveblog all of House of Cards season 3

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Update: House of Cards season 3 is now on Netflix — join us!

Last year, we stayed up all night and watched House of Cards' second season in its entirety from the moment it first became available, at 3:01AM ET. The resulting liveblog became an episode-by-episode compendium / purview into one's descent into madness. Needless to say, we're doing it again for season three.

This time, TC Sottek has foolishly agreed to join me in watching all of House of Cards season three starting this Friday, February 27th, at 3:01AM ET. We'll be chronicling our experience throughout each episode with minute-by-minute commentary and personal scribblings. We should wrap up around mid-afternoon and then promptly take naps on the floor.

Feel free to follow along live, but if you plan on taking your time with the show, we'll be hiding the updates with fancy spoiler code so as not to ruin anything for people who come by to read later (big thanks to Aidan Feay and the Vox product team).

Interested in joining us? We're sorry about your sleep schedule.