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Wunderlist announces app integrations, new quick-add feature for iOS app

Wunderlist announces app integrations, new quick-add feature for iOS app


You'll soon be able to send tasks to Wunderlist from anywhere

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Wunderlist, one of our favorite to-do list apps, today announced plans to roll out integrations and other features later this year. Integrations will allow Wunderlist to connect with other apps and services, such as email apps, note taking services, and more via a new public API that other developers can tap into. The company is also soon releasing an update to its iOS app that adds folders and a quick-add button.

Last year, Wunderlist was rebuilt from the ground up, with a lot of back-end work done to improve syncing and other core functionality. CEO Christian Reber says the company's goal this year is to "make Wunderlist smarter," which the new integrations feature will play a big part of. The new quick-add button, which lets users add a new task or list right from the home screen of the app also features natural language parsing for times and dates, making it easier to quickly set a due date and reminder for new tasks. This is the first time Wunderlist is using natural language processing, but it's just one example of the types of features the company plans to roll out this year.

App integrations will let you add tasks to your lists from third-party apps and services

Integration with other apps is something that a lot of power users look for, and Wunderlist is behind some of its competitors in implementing these features. Other apps already let you create tasks from your Gmail account or put to-do lists right into chat apps such as Slack and Hipchat. But Wunderlist has always prioritized making it easy and simple to manage to-do lists no matter what device you're using, which is one of the reasons the company has 11 million active users of its product. Integrations will make it easier for those existing users to manage their to-dos and projects with Wunderlist, but it also might attract some more power users to Wunderlist that have previously used other services.

"Right now, Wunderlist is sort of a data silo," notes Benedikt Lehnert, chief design officer. "Integrations is a strategic play for us. Wunderlist becomes the beating heart of your intentions, seamlessly interacting with all the key services you use on a daily basis to get stuff done."

In addition to the integrations and new organizational features coming to Wunderlist, the company says it plans to completely revamp its business service, Wunderlist for Work, later this year as well. Features such as activity logs, business-owned lists, a central dashboard, rights management, and custom webhooks have all been long requested by Wunderlist's 90,000 business customers, and the company says it will now deliver on that front.

Wunderlist has long been available across many platforms, and that isn't changing anytime soon. The new iOS app will be available in the coming weeks, with the same features coming to Android and other platforms later on. A redesign for Android 5.0 Lollipop is already in the works, and Wunderlist has committed to releasing an app for Windows 10 as well.

"Last year we built the architecture, now we're making it more usable."

With new features, redesigns, and more in the works for 2015, Wunderlist has a busy year ahead of it. "Last year we built the architecture, now we're making it more usable," says Reber.