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This K-pop music video will hypnotize you into liking it

This K-pop music video will hypnotize you into liking it

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I'll be honest with you, Verge readers — sometimes it is not altogether easy to find the words to put in articles.

This one, for example, is about a music video for a song called "Ni Pal Ja Ya (It's Your Destiny)" by K-pop duo Norazo. It sounds like a pair of excited chihuahua puppies using a Casio keyboard's demo mode to remix Beethoven's Fifth, and the video begins with trippy visuals and a mysterious voice that our Korean intern Sojung assures me says the following:

"Become rich by listening to a song — I really like this song — I want to keep listening to it — This lively song will make me rich — I keep wanting to make people around me to listen to this song — I will want to buy this song — I don't know why but I will get money as I keep listening to this song — I am happy — This song that I am listening to before I go to bed will give me a good fresh start in the morning — All will be great for me."

The video is intended to "hypnotize you into receiving Norazo," apparently. News site Asia Economy claims that it has been banned from TV for these hypnotic qualities, but The Verge has been unable to confirm this — we called Korea's communications standards commission, but a representative wasn't aware of any government- or broadcaster-imposed bans.

Anyway, here it is on the internet. And once the intro is over, well, things happen. Just watch it and get back to me.

I do kind of like the song, for what it's worth. Or do I?