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Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 appear side by side in latest leak

Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 appear side by side in latest leak


Not quite the '3-sided screen' we were expecting

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We got a good look at what appears to be Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 smartphone this morning. Now new images have leaked to show its sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge, featuring a curved display similar to the one seen on Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge. Pictures shared on xda-developers forum claim to show an S6 and the S6 Edge side by side, corroborating the expectation that Samsung would be releasing two versions of its latest flagship phone.

Update: Read the Galaxy S6 Edge review.

The purported S6 Edge is said to feature a dual curved-edge display, but the angle from which the photo was taken doesn't make it explicit. From the rear, the phones look markedly similar, but where the Note Edge's curved section was large enough to act like a second screen, the sides of the S6 Edge's display appear to curve more subtly and offer little room for menu icons — the home screen in the photo simply stretches over the curved area. It's not quite the "3-sided screen" reported by Bloomberg earlier this month.


The only other manufacturer showing off a true "three-sided" display at the moment is LG, whose Active Bending OLED screen was seen on a 6-inch smartphone at CES earlier this year. We'll know whether these images are truly of Samsung's next big things very soon, when The Verge hits the show floor at Mobile World Congress on March 1st.