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FCC begins historic net neutrality vote with this incredible funk music

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Get down

As we wait for the Federal Communications Commission to begin its historic meeting about net neutrality and the future of the internet, the FCC would like us to enjoy the smooth bass of New York funk and soul music. Over a static image announcing "TODAY'S PROGRAM WILL BEGIN AT 10:30AM," we've now heard three different tracks by The Menahan Street Band, a Brooklyn-based group that formed in 2007 and released its most recent album in 2012.

If you want to listen along, visit or listen to the Menahan Street Band/Save the Internet playlist.

UPDATE: The FCC has begun playing Charles Bradley. The FCC has killer taste in soul music. The FCC might be trying to get laid. I was reluctant to write that, but as a journalist I'm obligated to pursue honesty and truth, and I believe it's the truth that the FCC doesn't want to sleep alone tonight.