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Swatch announces new touchscreen watch with fitness features

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A Swatch smartwatch is still coming

While we wait for Swatch to show off its upcoming smartwatch this spring, the company has decided to update its current touchscreen offering, the Swatch Touch. The Swatch Touch Zero One is a fitness watch geared toward volleyball players. It can track calories burned and steps taken, but it's mainly designed to track and focus on volleyball-specific maneuvers like low hits, high hits, power hits, and high-fives. The Touch Zero One will send that information to Swatch's app, where your skills as a volleyball player will be ranked from zero to 100. The Touch Zero One won't win any design awards with its yellow, clunky watch face and multi-colored band, but it's designed for function, not fashion. The Swatch Touch Zero One will retail for $160 once it's released later this year.