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Samsung's fanless ATIV Book 9 laptop will be available on March 1st

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It looked pretty good at CES, and now it's (almost) here

Samsung's new ATIV Book 9 was announced this year at CES, and now it has a release date. The all-aluminum ultrabook, which looks like Samsung's strongest answer to the MacBook Air yet, will be available beginning March 1st. At  0.46-inches thick and 2.09 pounds, it's the lightest laptop in the Book 9 line. Visually, it's similar to other offerings in Samsung's recent lineup, and features Intel's Broadwell Core M processor. Samsung is also paying more attention to audio this time: the laptop features a built-in Wolfson lossless audio player and native FLAC support. And there's one more big change: the ATIV Book 9 is fanless — something Apple can't say yet about even its lightest laptop.

The 2015 Ativ Book 9 starts at $1,199.99 with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, and goes for $1,399.99 with 8GB memory and a larger 256GB SSD.