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Every copy of Hot Chip's new album will feature a different cover

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Visual artist Nick Relph has created an algorithm to shift the color of the album art 501 times

London graphic designer Wallzo, aka Darren Wall, has created album art for the British electro-pop band Hot Chip since 2003, but for their upcoming album, Why Make Sense?, Hot Chip is trying something a little different. Infinitely different, that is.

Visual artist Nick Relph built an algorithm capable of creating subtle variations on the black and white optical illusion seen above. That, paired with 501 potential background colors, means every copy of the physical album (on CD and LP) will be unique. Relph will use what Domino Records is calling "a unique and bespoke printing technique," to create the artwork.

Why Make Sense? (which is either an ode to The Talking Heads or a dis) is out on May 18th. You can listen to the album's first single, "Huarache Lights," below.