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Taco Bell and Cap'n Crunch are making horrifying milk-filled donuts together

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The restaurant chain is calling it a "breakfast item"

Taco Bell

Taco Bell just announced its newest co-branded menu item, and the result is truly nuts. The fast food taco slinger and Cap'n Crunch are shoving their collective calorie-filled parts together and creating Cap'n Crunch Delights — colorful donut holes sprinkled with mashed bits of cereal.

That Taco Bell thought it was chill to replace sprinkles with cereal is bad enough, but the restaurant chain is also, astoundingly, calling the donut holes a "breakfast item." The worst, worst part? The donuts are filled with MILK... or some kind of creamy milk product.

Cap'n Crunch Delights might be the pinnacle of joint-branded nightmares, but more likely, they're just the beginning.

The donuts are currently testing at T-Bell locations in Bakersfield, California, so if you live there, good luck, and I'm sorry.