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Huawei ad mistakenly reveals new Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei ad mistakenly reveals new Android Wear smartwatch

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It looks like Huawei has let the cat out of the bag with an advertisement placed at Barcelona's El Prat airport. The ad, first spotted by Android Central, makes it all but certain that the Chinese phonemaker will announce an Android Wear-powered smartwatch at Mobile World Congress next week.

The device appears to be a slick, metal watch with a circular face like the Moto 360. It's simply called the "Huawei Watch." According to the ad, the watch has "classic design and impeccable craftsmanship." There will be at least three different color and band options: silver with a matching silver metal bracelet, gold with a brown leather band, and a more casual black model.

We'll likely hear much more about the Huawei Watch come tomorrow, March 1st, when things kick off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Update: Huawei has released two official promotional videos on YouTube revealing the new smartwatch — check them out here.