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Star Trek Online game developers are building a digital memorial to Leonard Nimoy

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Everyone's finding a way to honor Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday at the age of 83. Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios has announced that it is building a permanent memorial to Nimoy — and Spock — in the world of the 2010 MMO. Nimoy's connection to Star Trek Online goes deeper than the sci-fi franchise. The actor did voice work for the game, narrating brief introductions to the MMO's locales.

Fans of the game will have to wait for regularly scheduled maintenance on March 5th before visiting the virtual memorial. In the meantime, players have found their own way to cope. Active players report that as many as a thousand active users traveled to Spock's home planet of Vulcan after news of Nimoy's death broke on Friday. One Reddit user posted a screenshot of the digital "wake." While only a handful of players can be seen in the shot, it represents just one of many instances of the game.