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Pope Francis is holding a Google Hangout this week

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For a few years now, Google has been using Hangouts to connect the public with celebrities and world leaders, from David Beckham to President Obama. This week, Google has grabbed another huge figure: Pope Francis. Francis will chat with children who have disabilities and special needs in Brazil, India, Spain, and the United States. He'll be located in the Vatican when the chat goes live this Thursday at 10:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM CET.

Francis has been embracing technology in a number of ways, and he's spoken highly in the past of its ability to connect people. This will actually be his second Hangout — he held a first back in September, when he also spoke with students. Both Hangouts were held in partnership with Scholas, an educational organization that Francis established get kids to become members of local and global communities. You'll be able to watch the Hangout over on YouTube.