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There's now a 'live' Jurassic World webcam

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This is basically Disneyland voyeurism

It's another four months until the release of Jurassic World, but you can gawk at more of the film's universe today — or at least some of its extras. Universal Pictures has put up "live" park cams that hop to various parts of Jurassic World's fictitious dinosaur park. There are no actual dinosaurs to see, just tourists who are seemingly oblivious to the impending peril set to befall the park. There are 14 cams in all, including eateries and employee break rooms, all the way to the T. rex Paddock where — in proper Jurassic Park fashion — there is no T. rex to be seen. There's even a view of the line for the gyrospheres, which basically looks like the line to every amusement park ride ever, albeit on a tropical island.

Gyrosphere line (Universal)

The long-delayed movie is set 22 years after the events of the 1993 film, and promises a park of much grander scale. The latest trailer, which played just before the start of Super Bowl XLIX this past weekend, eked out a few more details about the newest killer dinosaur Indominus rex, as well as Chris Pratt's abilities as a velociraptor whisperer.

It's unclear whether these webcams will be flipped on to show alternate footage once the movie is out. For now though, they serve as a nice set piece for what will no doubt be the essence of chaos.