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Microsoft's Cortana extends football predictions to real football

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Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant successfully predicted most of the World Cup games, and now it’s turning its attention to the English Premier League. While Cortana has been monitoring and predicting NFL games since September, this latest update allows Windows Phone and Windows 10 users to track real football (soccer). British football fans across the pond will be able to ask Cortana for its predictions for this weekend’s two big derbies.

Everton plays Liverpool on Saturday in the usual bitter Merseyside derby, and Cortana has picked Liverpool as the likely winner. Elsewhere in the English Premier League, Arsenal faces Tottenham in the North London derby this weekend. Naturally, Cortana has selected Arsenal to dominate Tottenham once again and force them into a league position outside of Champion’s League qualification. Full disclosure: I’m an Arsenal fan.

You can predict games with Cortana using the voice command "will Arsenal beat Tottenham" or "predict Arsenal match," and simply by asking who will win matches between two teams. Microsoft’s updates are all part of regular feature improvements to the digital assistant, with the company even teaching Cortana to speak Klingon in October, the language spoken by Klingons in Star Trek.