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Verizon's making most data plans cheaper, but killing two fantastic deals

Verizon's making most data plans cheaper, but killing two fantastic deals

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Verizon has announced that as of tomorrow, it's cutting pricing on several of its More Everything data plans. In short, for all data tiers below 10GB, the carrier is bringing costs down by $10. 1GB of data, which runs $40 today, will be $30 starting tomorrow; 2GB will be $40, 3GB will be $50, 4GB will be $60, 6GB — a brand new option — will be $70, and 8GB will be $85 (only a $5 discount compared against the current plan).

But here's the catch; if you need more data than 8GB, things will actually get a bit more expensive tomorrow. Right now, you can choose a 10GB More Everything data package for $80 and a 15GB data pool for $100. Those were always meant to be limited time promotions, so with tomorrow's rate changes, the higher data tiers are reverting back to their normal pricing. If you want to take advantage, today's your last chance to get in. No, it's not T-Mobile pricing, but if you need Verizon's coverage, we'd recommend not missing out.

Verizon More Everything

These pretty appealing shared data packages are going away tomorrow.

Verizon is also seemingly trying to create separation between itself and AT&T with new 12GB ($110), 14GB ($120), and 16GB ($130) data tiers; AT&T doesn't offer those options, instead letting customers pick between 10GB ($100), 15GB ($130), or 20GB ($150) packages on its Mobile Share Value plans. (Verizon's 20GB data tier is also being dropped to $140.) All of this is likely designed so that Verizon can claim a pricing advantage over AT&T in its ad campaigns; we all know how much these carriers love fighting with each other. Verizon has also announced that it will extend the $25 line discount to Verizon Edge customers paying for at least 6GB of data "for a limited time." All of the new rates can be seen below.

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