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Lego will produce a Doctor Who-themed set

Lego will produce a Doctor Who-themed set

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Doctor Who is getting his own Lego set. In a video today, Lego announced it will be producing an official "Doctor Who and Companions" set, based on an outpouring of support for a fan proposal made last year. The project isn't finalized yet, so there are no official design or availability details, but the company has promised to share that information on its YouTube channel later this year. The current pictures are from a fan version designed by gaming artist Andrew Clark, showing classic Doctor Who staples like the Cybermen and K-9 alongside more recent villains like the Weeping Angels. It's still unclear if any of Clark's models will survive to the final product.

The set is part of the ongoing Lego Ideas project, which allows fans to vote on potential Lego sets, potentially shepherding some of the projects through to production. Doctor Who sets had been proposed in the past, but this is the first time Lego has committed to actually producing the set. Together with the Doctor Who set, Lego Ideas is also producing a Wall-E set, proposed by Pixar animator Angus Lane. In the same video, Lego teases other potential sets that are still being considered, including Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings' Minas Tirith.