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Microsoft Office touch apps now available on Windows 10 Technical Preview

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Universal versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are optimized for desktop, touch, and mobile use

Microsoft has released the universal versions of its flagship Office apps Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, according to its Office Blog. The universal apps are designed to work on every device running Windows 10, from a Windows Phone all the way up to the 84-inch Surface Hub. The mobile version of the apps aren't currently available, but Microsoft says it will open up the preview to smartphones and tablets running Windows 10 "in the coming weeks," according to Julia White, general manager of the Office product management team.

Office will be available on smartphones and tablets "in the coming weeks."

OneNote is already available on Windows 10, and Outlook and Calendar are expected to be available sooner than later. The quality of Office will be crucial to the public perception of Windows 10, and getting these apps out to the early adopters will only help improve them before the official launch. You can download Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — if you're running Windows 10 Technical Preview — from the Windows Store Beta today.

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