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Microsoft reportedly buys Sunrise, the best calendar app for iPhone and Android

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Microsoft has purchased Sunrise, the maker of one of the best — if not the very best — calendar apps for iOS and Androidaccording to TechCrunch. It reportedly paid at least $100 million for the company. Microsoft has recently been working to revamp its mobile apps and reach out to other platforms, and Sunrise will clearly play a big part in that. This is actually the second time now that Microsoft has scooped up one of the best iOS apps: it previously purchased Acompli and then rebranded it as Outlook. Just like that, Microsoft made Outlook one of the best email apps you can get.

Sunrise has not confirmed the acquisition, and there's no detail yet on what will happen to the app under Microsoft. Given that Microsoft doesn't have an obvious app to rebrand Sunrise as, it's possible that we'll just see its existence in the App and Play stores continue as normal — only now, with some big promotion from Microsoft. Alternatively, Microsoft may want to integrate Sunrise with Outlook. That'd certainly tie it together nicely with Microsoft's other recent purchase. Sunrise has also built a web client, so it's already accessible for Windows users, even if it doesn't offer native app support.