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Twitter and Google reportedly just made a big deal to put tweets in search results

Twitter and Google reportedly just made a big deal to put tweets in search results

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Twitter has once again inked a deal that will put tweets inside of Google search results, according to a report. Citing sources, Bloomberg says the two companies just worked out a business deal that gives the search giant full access to Twitter's firehose of tweets. That's as opposed to Google needing to crawl Twitter, something that should make tweets more immediately accessible outside of Twitter, benefitting both companies.

A similar deal existed years ago

The pair had a similar search deal worked out four years ago, but it ended in 2011. Google launched its own social network competitor, Google+, the very same year hoping to compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. You won't see the effects of this latest business partnership immediately, Bloomberg says. It should begin "in the first half of this year."

Twitter declined to comment, and Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.

Twitter reports its fourth quarter earnings tomorrow, which could bring news of the renewed deal. Investors want to know how the company's grown its active user count, as well as its plans to increase that metric in the future. A deal like this, along recently announced plans to syndicate promoted tweets outside of Twitter, could improve that.

Update, February 5th: Twitter confirmed its deal with Google today, but said it could offer no details on how the partnership would work. The company also made deals with Flipboard and Yahoo Japan to show promoted tweets, CEO Dick Costolo said in an earnings call.