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Katy Perry is getting her own game from the makers of Kim Kardashian's mobile hit

Katy Perry is getting her own game from the makers of Kim Kardashian's mobile hit

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Katy Perry is getting her own video game from Glu Mobile, the smartphone developer that previously hit it big with a freemium title based on Kim Kardashian's rise to fame. The game will feature Perry's "voice, likeness, and personality," and promises to introduce players to "a digital playground of global success and talent." This suggests that the game's set-up will be similar to the fame-leveling adventures of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, though perhaps with a focus on the music industry rather than the world of fashion.

"she is a cultural icon."

"Katy is arguably the most recognized musician in America following her Super Bowl XLIX Halftime performance this past Sunday," said Glu Mobile CEO, Niccolo de Masi. "She is a cultural icon and we expect to translate key elements of her success into an innovative, highly entertaining mobile experience."

With Perry, these "key elements" could be anything — will the game feature polygonal tigers the size of Clifford the Big Red Dog? Will Perry's avatar have a roar that can out-do Fus Ro Dah? Will left shark be involved? Masi's not saying, but he promises that Glu will do all they can to leverage Perry's "significant global audience, including more than 170 million fans on social media."

If the company's previous efforts are anything to go by though, Perry's first ever mobile outing is likely to be a hit. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood may have been derided by some gamers, but it was still downloaded more than 28.4 million times, with purchases of the game's "K Coins" currency adding $74.3 million to Glu's 2014 revenue of $223.15 million — despite only being released in June. Glu is promising that the new game will be released in the fourth quarter this year.