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Linknotize card game tests your Wikipedia skills to link unrelated topics

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Traditional board and card games have never been more involved than when played with the accompaniment of a phone. Linknotize is a card game that asks you to use your phone or tablet to click your way between two unrelated topics until you connect them. Simply put, you roll the dice, select two topics, set the timer for three minutes and start clicking through Wikipedia. It’s like six degrees of separation, the theory that everything is at most six or fewer steps from the point of origin, except it’s up to you to connect those dots, the fewer dots the better.

For example, how would you connect Tom Brady and Bill Gates? Easy: Tom Brady to NFL to Seattle Seahawks to Paul Allen to Bill Gates. But can you do it fast, and can you do it by only clicking in-article links in Wikipedia or your favorite online encyclopedia? Here's how to get from Abraham Lincoln to the topic Broadway Theater:


It's similar to Game of Phones that we covered on Top Shelf but looks to be a cleverer take that plays a lot better. Linknotize costs $24.99 and could be the ideal game if you and your friends are the types of people enamored by this new class of hybrid gaming.