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One Direction is going to take over Spotify to curate party music for teens

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Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Need a hot playlist for this weekend's party? If you're in middle school, high school, or willing to publicly accept the musical tastes of people dramatically younger than you, then you're in luck: Spotify is handing over the reins of its popular Teen Party playlist to the members of One Direction this week. It's critical to note that while no member of One Direction is currently a teen, all five of them have very recently been teens and remain closely involved with the teen scene, making them excellent curators for this playlist.

One Direction will start adding music tomorrow and continue throughout the weekend. Spotify says that the band will be playing some of their personal faves and that there'll be a handful of surprises thrown in, too. It's not clear what a surprise Spotify track is, but perhaps the service will have some exclusive One Direction streams to share. Spotify has done "playlist takeovers" like this with a number of other musicians before, including Pitbull and Slipknot. Ariana Grande was even in control of the Teen Party playlist once. These are all simple promotions, but they're also easy ways to get part of an artist's large fan base over to Spotify — and introduce them to new music while they're there.