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Oreo's next hot flavor is s'mores

Oreo's next hot flavor is s'mores


I hope they're delicious

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Late last month, Oreo finally came clean on the Red Velvet Oreo, a new special edition flavor that not only featured a special flavor creme, but an all-new reddish-colored cookie not seen before. (Those just hit stores this week, so if you want to check them out, head to your local grocer.) But while the internet was in a frenzy over the Red Velvet Oreo, news broke about a possible new variant, the never-before-seen S'mores Oreo.

I actually broke news of this new flavor a few weeks ago on Twitter, but it appears that it is now making the rounds and people are questioning its authenticity. (I really should have just put my scoop on the site, as our fearless leader Nilay always commands, but I was well into my paternity leave, and it's hard to break Oreo news with a two-week-old baby in hand.) According to my sources in the Oreo supply chain, the S'mores Oreo is most definitely a real thing, and it is currently in the "sampling phase," where it is tested with various buyers across the country.


As you can see from the images on the package, the S'mores Oreo features a graham cracker flavored cookie and two layers of creme, one marshmallow, one chocolate to make the classic s'more. It appears that the creme flavors are layered directly on top of one another, unlike other Oreos with two flavors of creme that unevenly overlap. Also of note, this graham cracker cookie is all new, much like the Red Velvet Oreo's unique red cookie. By all accounts, it looks like 2015 is the year of the Unique Cookie Oreo.

Is 2015 the year of the Unique Cookie Oreo?

As for when you'll be able to actually buy the S'mores Oreo, don't expect to see them on shelves for a few months. The Red Velvet Oreo leaked at the same sampling point back in October, but it didn't hit shelves until the next February, nearly four months later. If my hunches are correct, Oreo will release this in late spring / early summer, just in time to capitalize on the camping season, because everyone knows camping and s'mores go hand in hand.

But rest assured, the S'mores Oreo is certainly real and far enough along in its production phase that it will very likely be something you can buy later this year. Now the big mystery is why Oreo just didn't call it the S'mOreo.

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