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Paris has halted filming of action movies due to recent terror attacks

Paris has halted filming of action movies due to recent terror attacks


Outdoor movie scenes involving car chases and police can't be filmed in Paris

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Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

French officials have banned the filming of action movies on Paris streets, the Associated Press reports. The ban will prevent studios from filming certain outdoor movie scenes in the country's capital, especially those involving car chases, police, security services, religious sites, and schools.

The ban is a response to last month's terrorist attacks that left 20 dead in three days. Officials fear that given the already high tensions in Paris, fictional car chases may confuse and frighten citizens. They also believe actors in costume are likely to be mistaken for real police, making them targets for another attack.

"There's a problem with these action-type scenes, as the actors in uniform could be targets for terrorists," Sylvie Barnaud, who grants outside filming permission in Paris, told the AP. "Also, the actors could pose confusion for the general public during this highly sensitive period."

Actors in uniform could be targets for terrorists

This is the most recent effort by the French government to maintain order in the city following the attacks. Late last month, the government announced a plan to hold web companies like Google and Facebook accountable for extremist speech hosted on their sites.

Several films have already been suspended by the ban, including the French movie Flics Tout Simplement, which reportedly contains a scene involving a police officer outside a school. It's unclear how long the ban will last, but it will likely affect production in the US: Paris has previously been the backdrop for movies like The Bourne Identity and Ocean's Twelve.

Paris will be holding its annual Film Set Fair this week, which notes that 1,159 productions were filmed in the city just in 2014.