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You can now save your Snapchat Story as one seamless video

You can now save your Snapchat Story as one seamless video


But you still can't create groups

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Snapchat Stories have emerged as the social network's single most important feature over the past year. Until now, though, your only option for saving your Story was to download each photo or video individually, which can be an arduous process — particularly if you like to tell lengthy stories. Last night, the company rolled out an update that, along with bug fixes, enabled the option to save your entire Story with a single tap. The file downloads as a video that's composed of your photos and videos strung together, and each file is displayed for the amount of time you designated when you originally uploaded it to Snapchat (a three-second photo will display for three seconds, so on). You can't specify which files to include in the download — it's all or nothing — but you can always edit the video to your liking afterwards.

And by the way, The Verge is active on Snapchat. What do we post there? You can find out by opening Snapchat and pointing your camera at the photo below:

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