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Google and Mattel will reveal a mystery product on February 13th

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Toymaker Mattel and Google are holding an event on February 13th in New York City, where the companies are promising we'll see a "product debut." The invitation features the outline of what looks to be a View-Master reel, and says those attending the event will "view what's possible." We know basically nothing about whatever Mattel and Google have planned, which means this invite all the more exciting. The simple fact that these companies are partnering up is pretty cool.

Are they planning to resurrect the View-Master with Google deciding what goes on those reels? Maybe Google's rethinking Cardboard for a younger audience. February 13th is one day before Toy Fair 2015 kicks off in Manhattan, and Mattel will obviously have a massive presence there. Keep it locked at The Verge as the mystery product approaches for all the latest details as we get them. In the meantime, just let your imagination run wild trying to guess what these two have come up with.