New trailers: Daredevil, Furious 7, Poltergeist, and more

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It should be no surprise that the week after the Super Bowl has some huge trailers debuting in it. It's a pretty great mix of genres, too: from the insanity of Furious 7 to the quiet tension of the J.K. Rowling adaptation The Casual Vacancy. Check out 12 of the best from this week below.


Here it is: Daredevil is the first of four Marvel TV shows headed to Netflix, and an initial trailer for it premiered this week. It's hard to make many judgements yet, but it looks safe to say that — like all Netflix shows — it's not lacking for production value. The show's entire first season will premiere on April 10th.

Furious 7

"This time it ain't just about being fast." —Vin Diesel

It's in theaters April 3rd.


Sam Raimi knows how to do horror, so one would expect the Poltergeist reboot to be in pretty good hands. As for the results? A first trailer for Raimi's film debuted this week, and it looks like it takes a lot of classic elements and amps them up quite a bit, for better or for worse. Either way, fans of the original will want to check out the trailer to see what he's done with it. The film will be in theaters July 24th.


Even if you haven't seen Despicable Me, it's pretty easy to understand why its fans love the minions so much. This is the second trailer for Minions, the spinoff film that somehow stretches these silly and largely non-speaking side characters out long enough to fill an entire narrative. That's a plan that seems fraught with danger, but it certainly looks like the slapstick and lighthearted humor has translated well. It'll be in theaters on July 10th.

Heroes Reborn

It's not much to look at, but this is the first taste of NBC's rebooted Heroes. The show is returning for a short 13-episode miniseries, and it's supposed to come back this year. Here's hoping it looks at lot more like Heroes Season 1 than Heroes Season 2, 3, or 4.

The Casual Vacancy

J.K. Rowling's first novel after Harry Potter has been adapted into a miniseries for the BBC and HBO. The BBC seems to have played the bigger role in putting this together, but that's probably a good thing for an adaptation of a book set in a small English town. BBC One will premiere the show on February 15th. HBO will premiere it on April 29th.

Magic Mike XXL

Some of you are already sold on this film. The rest of you probably question why on Earth it exists — but seriously, click play and see. The original Magic Mike received great reviews, and this trailer shows that its sequel should have some incredible dancing and plenty of ludicrous visual jokes. It'll be in theaters July 1st.

Lost River

Ryan Gosling is now a director! Lost River is the actor's first time behind the camera, and the results — at least in the trailer — look absolutely gorgeous, as though he's built out an incredible and strange new world. The film is supposed to be a "dark fairy tale," and this first look definitely speaks to that. That all said, early reviews have not been kind. It'll be in theaters and on-demand April 10th.

Cut Bank

Early reactions say Cut Bank is little more than a Fargo knock off, but it's one that's hard to ignore. The film has an incredible cast — including Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich, and Bruce Dern, to name a few — and a ton of character in its trailer. The film will be on DirecTV starting February 26th and in theaters on April 3rd.

Beyond the Reach

This is ridiculous and involves Michael Douglas hunting a man. Please just watch a little of it.

The Lazarus Effect

A small horror movie isn't where you'd expect to see Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, and Donald Glover turn up, but somehow here we are. On top of all that, The Lazarus Effect is directed by the guy behind Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It seems like such a weird combination, but they're backed by producers of horror staples The Purge, Paranormal Activity, and Insidious, which is probably a good sign. It'll be in theaters February 27th.

The Get Down

This is more of a mood board than a trailer, but here's what Netflix wants you to know about the new show that it ordered this week: it's the television debut of Baz Luhrmann — the director behind Moulin Rouge! — and it's about hip-hop, teens, and 1970's New York City. Netflix will debut 13 episodes next year.

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